crit for crit

id leave me too
if i did what i did
to you
to myself

id run away
just as far as i could get
from me too

so in a way i really
cant blame you
cuz id do the same
id do the same thing
to me too

but im not you
and your not me
so i really must protest
all of this

if i said i was sorry
would that fix all of this
and if you accepted the appology
would i get a makeup kiss

id leave me too
if i did what i did
to you
to myself

crit for crit
it's alright but it seems short and only one main idea wich wasnt explained
ya, its not finished yet, but, i was posting it to get some advice on how to devolope it, im not a very good writer
pretty good. the lines are a little off but maybe its just the way i say it, i dunno. good stuff though i like the chorus i thought that was realy clever. keep it up and maybe put soem music to this song and post it here.

mind crting mine? its in my sig
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ummm.. if you ask me... i think it's short and the idea keeps going around and around... simpLe song but i liked the idea... if you fix it up a little bit... i think it wiLL be ok for presentation... i'd suggest to add more words and to add more ideas into the song... anywayz... that's aLL... i'll be waiting for your revision! :p comment mine too if you can... my latest.. "vandalized heart"... still a newbie... but making my way up.. (i hope..) haha