Fallen Down


These long dark corridors
Have to much light
I shouldnt see these faces
To my right
The imprints of death
Engraved upon the wall
Shrieks of pain
Are heard by all

These somber footsteps
Echo through the hall
I cant see anyone
Here at all
My feet fall down
Into someones track
I cant figure out
Where Im at

Ive fallen down
Without a clue
Were can I go
So I can be with you
Im all alone
Struggling through the night
I dont want to
Start this fight

There in the distance
Sitting all alone
A light surrounds you
In your throne
An outstretched hand
A guiding heart
You wont let me
Fall apart

I need you
More than anything
An guiding hand
You help me stand
Your light is
All I need
To help me up
Off my knees

Ive fallen down
But you help me up
Alls I needed
Was your touch
What I fell in
Was my sin
Your forgave me
Youre all I need
ending is faded out and ending with a niffty hammer on

let me know what you think
The lyrics are cool.
Are you talking about being lost and Love (or someone) being the only saviour during your dark moment?

I am really analytical when it comes to lyrics, so don't take offense.


Good Job, though.

what style, or genre of music?
i am lost, but i know there is a way out, and i am looking for it. and then i found the man (jesus, and yes i am christian, but that is the only connection through out the song, and it is kinda sutble). or take it for a friend to help you out that you always know will be there for you.

the style...its not slow but not fast i have a picking pattern that goes great with it, but i also a have an amazing strumming pattern for it. but i would compare it Lifehouse's "you and me" but i didnt get any inspration for Lifehouse as i have heard that song only one it my life. but it is along that line. more mellow and soft than rock and rollish

no i dont take offense to you asking any of your analytical questions.