I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but here's what I want to ask.
I was just listening to me playing and I realised I get an awful sound on high gain settings. It sounds fine at first but from a distance or on recordings it has no depth. It's more of a screech rather than a thick distortion.
While I'm thinking along the lines of Slayer or Pantera for my tone its very screechy.
Is there anything I can do about this? I realise that it could be the fact that I use an SS amp but surely It's still possible to get the sound I'm after (Slayer and Pantera).
My gear is:
A Vintage Superstrat (Jackson Soloist ripoff)
and a Marshall MG100DFX
I'm getting a BK Warpid (pickup) soon but I know that that won't fully solve the problem. So... any advice on thickening my sound?

PS I've tried turning up the bass
PPS It's not just me with this problem; I've noticed it on other people.
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Pantera and Slayer have VERY different sounds. Slayer boosts the mids, while Pantera boosts the highs and lows while cutting the mids.

You could buy a distortion pedal.
And get rid of the god-awful MG.

The amp simply can not sound good.
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get some thicker strings... i recently started buying 10's instead of what i usually buy (9's) and i deffinatly noticed a more fuller sound. next time i need new strings on my electric, im going to buy 11's and experiment with that. but thicker strings deffinatly does it.
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A lot of recordings are fattened up by double-tracking the guitars. Some bands use more than a dozen guitars dubbed into the mix to get that thick sound.
I use .13s in standard tuning, you don't need ones that thick though.

Also, I would recommend boosting your mids. The bass will probably not cut through the mix of your band, so all you'll get are the screeching highs.