Your all probly sick of hearing questions on modes but i got a few more...
iv been learning about different modes and iv got the whole concept of how they work but im kinda confused on how i apply this to playing/writing

How do i know when to use each mode and which one will sound best?
How do i know when to change modes?
Transitions between modes?
Writing music with modes?

its kinda hard to practice playing dif modes along with songs... i was using some midi files i found off zentao.com to practice them but that got kinda old.... suggestions anyone?
say you have a song in C and it goes through a lengthy progression that goes through E and G and then back to C. if youre doing licks and stuff you would play in C major, E phrygian and G mixolydian. typically.

what that does is that you dont have to sharp or flat anything, youre using the same notes but just using a different tonal center. otherwise for E you would sharp F C G and D and for G you would sharp F.

modes are used for when you dont want to Completely modulate to a different key but you want to move along with something like a bassline.

someone can probably give you a link to a lesson, thats what usually happens when someone says the word 'mode'
The chord progression you are playing over (or are writing) will dictate the mode you use to play over the top. Just as all the modes in a given key use the same notes in a different order, they will all use the same chords. Some examples using the chords from C Major: If you have the progression C | Am | F | G you will play the C major scale. If you have Am | F | Am | G you will use A minor (A Aeolian). If the progression is G | Am | G | F you would use G Mixolydian. You could also switch to the mode of each chord as you move through the progression, but that can over-complicate things.
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