typing as i listing, This is a crit back from the band a lesser evil btw you recently crit our song,

I actually really dig this, it soudn like brand new mixed with some other band i can't put my finger on. The melody kicks ass, you got a ncie voice. I hear some slight timing issues with the backup "oohs" but not very noticable. ON the part where the guitar stops and the singing is by itself, i think you sohould add some distorted guitar there i think it would matrch the mood of that part. The only suggestion i have really is i think it would sound better if you sing the verse with a more airy voice, if you know what i mean.
Old king cole was a merry old soul, a merry old soul was he.
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im also from the band A lesser Evil thanks for the reply

rigth away i like the vocals alot! maybe u could turn the guitar up just a little...i think it would give it more full sound......the guitar deff sounds a little empty but i think thats that way u recorded it. Also the "lives for a thrill" part u end the guitar and the timing sound akward. I really like this song alot...deff has something going on that i really like, the vox are off key every now and then but its still really good...im sure if u really wanted u could make the vox perfect.
u got a good voice
nice progression too
but i suggest giving the song some spice
maybe mix some violin or piano for melody?
that'll definitly spice it up =)

would u crit mine?