hey all
i was wondering what sort of difference there is in the sound of a tube and a ss amp.
like differences in distortion, cleans and is a 50 W tube will be any louder than a 50 w solid state.
thanx folks
Distortion is smoother and warmer sounding. Sound clips parabolicly as opposed to linearly on a solid state amp causing some harsh sounds

cleans depends on tube amp. Fenders and other have cleans SS cant touch. But the Roland JAzz Chorus has cleans some tueb amps cant otuch

50 watts tube = 100=150 wattt solid state
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^ not to mention, if you're into heavy distortion, you're more or less going to want to look into either an expensive high-gain tube amp or something like a randall warhead. SS amps break up a lot later than tube amps, so it adds to volume stability you might not find in some tube amps.
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tube amps are typically more reactive to subtleties in dynamics, and has a distortion curve most/all ss amps can hardly reproduce. cleans are comparable as far as cleanliness but when it comes to it being 'alive, tube pwns. 50w valve=~120w ss