Would .11's be good for tuning to DGCFAD? I use .10's but I'm noticing there is quite a bit of slack on the strings which hinders my playing. Would .11's have less elasticity, and would they be suitable still for shredding and such? Thanks.
I use 11's and they work great, I know children of bodom use them because they play in DGCFAD tuning for all of they're songs. I suggest DR strings to you.
I've had bad experiences with DR strings... my cousin has them on his guitar and the D and E string broke the day after he put them on.
I find that the slack makes playing so much easier.

When I go down to D I usually just use the standard 9's and it works fine for me (although there may be a little bit of extra slack). I guess I'm just weird like that.

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^Yup, I'm using a set right now, the best strings I've ever used, and I rarely down-tune, they just feel so good in standard.
I'm pretty sure COB uses 10s actually in dgcfad
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^ they play in drop-C for teh new album but before that they were all d. I have D'Addario exl115, 11-49. Really cheep but they lasted for ever for me.