sry i didn't like it
got repetitive and needs vocals
the riff was pretty good but not after like being played 20 times
add vocals and perhaps a better recording mic then u got urself a song
riff was pretty sloppy sounding, nothing against it, just the tones did not really work well together. It was ok, but a little cliche, not terrible, not overly special.

You're solo was pretty bad to be honest, might just be me, but it was sloppy as anything, went out of time, and the bends were wayyy off.

Second solo you started in the complete wrong key. It was honestly terrible, just like, terrible, no offense, but you really need to work on you're phrasing, you're tastefulness, you're chops, and tapping doesn't make it good (if thats what it was), oh and you're theory.

Nice try though, some parts are salvagable, the very end and the riff we're alright.


crit for crit?
Its really, really, really sloppy, work on that, and your bends, and you might have something going here.
yeah don't listen to these hardasses, really good rhythm and originality in something new, really liked it, keep goin
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.... so wtf is an emo? is it like an emu only rounder?