Poll: Which axe? Don't worry about pups they will be changed on purchase.
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Ibanez RG3120
9 60%
Ibanez S470
2 13%
Ibanez S540
4 27%
Voters: 15.
Alright, so I already have my Fixed Bridge guitar picked out, gonna go with the RG321MH probably and just put some EMG's in and some Grover locking tuners.

However, I want a second guitar with a tremolo as well. Here is some of what I enjoy playing or "Try to play" if your wondering:

Darkest Hour (Gothenburg "Swedish" Metal)
Black Dahlia Murder (old stuff) (Gothenburg "Swedish" Metal)
Lamb of God (Thrash, Metalcore)
Misery Index (Death,Grind)
Slayer (Thrash)
Unearth (Melodic Metalcore)
At the Gates (Progressive Gothenburg Death)
Quo Vadis (Progressive Death)
Astral Gates (Progressive Death/Power/Viking Metal)
Necrophagist (Neoclassical Death)

The ONLY guitars that I'm interested in are the RG3120 and the S470 and S540's (w/ Lo-Pro Edge no TRS ****!) I understand that the RG3120 are MIJ, their quite nice but they're also much more expensive and they don't seem to offer too much more in regards to what the S470 and S540s already have--I also question their avaliability as well.

So, basically which do you think I'd be most happiest with? As I likely won't be able to play a RG3120 before I buy, though I do own an Ibanez RG270 so I'm familar with what RG's play like an feel like and have played around with my friends RG1570 and his two older S470s and liked them both very much.

Also, how does the Lo-Pro's and ZR trems stack up to the Edge are they just as good or not, as I definately want a good trem!

Thanks guys,

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Good luck finding a RG3120. Production for it stopped 4 years ago (I think?).

If you play a lot of Necrofaggots, you'll NEED the RG. All S's have 22 frets which is the only downside I find in the series.

As for the trems; the Lo-Pro (IMO) is not as good as the Edge but still very very very good. The quality of it is very well and will last you longer then the ZR. I'd say the ZR's tuning stability is almost as good as that of the Edge's but the quality of the actual trem isn't as good. Something will likely break off of it in a year to a few (probably the part of the arm socket; happened to me before).

EDIT: The reason for the RG3120 being more expensive is partially due to the high grade of the top. If you got an S470 WITH a top, it's normally graded; whereas the 3120 is AAA.

And also, I'm guessing Ibanez just puts more time into the models that cost more (not that it's needed to much as most of their models are great).

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Wow! They actually stopped production? Didn't know that. Learn something everyday I guess. I should've figured though as I only found one store on google when I "froogled" for it.

So, basically what your saying about the ZR and Lo-Pro is that their more or less as good as the Edge just aren't made of as good of metal?

Thanks man!