Leis and sunglasses
From pictures to tears
My lips touch you one last time

Rest your head on mine
For just one last time
I know you'll be out of pain

So i'll write you this song
Hang it up on the wall
Wish you still were here
Wish you still were here

I'll sing all day long
Til my voice sounds strong
I still need you here
I still need you here

I'll walk by your bed and crash
My eyes fill up with tears

I hope we spoiled you enough
So your life wasn't tough
You were great to me
You were great to me

It was just your luck
That you had no luck
To get you through
What was needed most

Crits are lovely
Quote by skate_guitar
there's no chorus?

I thought I made a chorus but I just looked it over and I guess there's not.
Quote by skate_guitar
lol, yah, if you made a chorus and had all those as verses it'd be pretty long:P lol

Yea it looked like it was pretty long so that's why I thought I had a chorus.