I saw some guys Amp Head, and it looks like he had the tolex taken off, so that it has a outer wood appearance. Is there a place where I can get tolex put back on it? If so how much would it cost?
You can do it yourself fairly easily. Just order the correct amount along with some contact cement. You can find rolls of tolex at several places online. Many different prints aswell.
Hmm whats the cost for tolex?
And I dont know if id be able to do it myself...
So if I dont feel like putting it on myself, how much would it cost to professionly get it done?
well tolex costs anywhere from 20-100 dollars a yard. you'll probably need one or two to cover your amp, plus glue... and time.

Otherwise it depends on your local shop to do your tolex, some people will, some people wont. I'd assume the price varies.. probably based cost + labor.. so however much they charge for labor and then some for supplies.
well just an estamate? about how much would it cost to get it done professionaly?
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