Ok so i have a nice delay and distortion but im not sure what i need now. Im not doing any shredding so no whammy pedals or anything.im playing rock and alt. Maybe a chorus pedal? (tried the small clone but it was too lush). looking for up to 2 pedals. Im trying to keep the pedals 100 bucks or under but i dont want to have to replace or upgrade the pedal late with somthing better so give me what you think is good.

What type of pedal should i get?

What model?

Thanks for the help its really appreciated.
definetly a chorus pedal is needed in there. And maybe a phaser, depending on what you want. Either a phaser or a wah...

Onto the suggestions:

Chorus - Rocktron Tsunami, Boss (any chorus model), MXR Stereo Chorus

Phaser - EVH Phase 90, Digitech Phaser, Boss ph-x(put a number there)

Wah - Morley, A dunlop model perhaps, a teese if you push the price a bit

i can't think of anything else at the moment, but maybe someone else can help you out here.
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