Yeah I was just curious, do you think Ill need a noise gate for it? Ill just be using the amp for band practice for a while....and maybe for a few small gigs...
Definitly not. Not if you plan on getting a good sound out of it. Make sure you keep gain around 5 or below on the lead channel at volume, otherwise, you'll loose all definishon and punsh in your sound. As long as youve got a good pair of pickups that arent microphonic you'll be cool.
as long as you dont crank the gain then no. they arent noisy amps unless you really push them..buy hey...what amp isnt?

like Johnny said, dont crank the gain...it looses clarity and punch. its not the amps fault its just how everything sounds.

Distortion can only go so far, and once you cross that "too much" line...everything else after it is just unneeded noise making it one big sloppy, muddy sounding distortion fest.
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Yeah, Its better to let the amp breathe so you can hear its tone. You dont wanna smother it in gain.

exactly. a lot of kids throw in the MT-2 and crank the gain and they think...Holly hell i sound great.

but in reality if they had it on the clean channel..or even turn down the gain...theyd realise how horrible they sound lol
Yeah, a lot of people think they get this awesome tone when there stood right on top of the amp, but if they'd got to where the audience are or listen to whats comin out of the in-house P.A they'd cringe.