Ok, so I am trying to record from the emulated line out of my amp (Marshall MG50DFX) into the microphone input in my laptop using Kristal. But I'm having two problems.

Firstly, I spend ages getting the volume right, so it is not clipped and still loud enough to sound over the ambient noise and interference

Secondly, this ambient noise is too bloody loud.

Ive messed around with leads, moved to different rooms and that's done nothing.

Any suggestions?

And does anyon know how to use the direct linein port.

Help is much appreciated
what do you mean by ambient noise? if you are just recording from the line out then the only thing being recored should be the guitar signal.

make sure you are recording from the correct input from the laptop. It may be mic1, mic2 or line in. chances are the notebook has an onboard microphone that is recording as well, and you'll need to turn that off.
i think youre mixed up when you say ambient noise,ambient noise is the noise you get when a noise in a large room like a big cathedral.is it feedback that youre talking about
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