i just had my first gig on friday, and it was terriable, and now i have to face all my friends laughter at school
how do i get over it?
and dont say to tell them " you didnt have enough balls to go out their and preform", bc all they will say is "yea bc i didnt want to make a fool of my self in front of the whole school ( a student body of around a 1,000) like you did"
Dude, just move on, leave it in the past, but don't TOTALLY forget it.

Whenever my band plays a bad gig, I just work on everything that went wrong at that show, and fix it for next gig. It's live and learn, bro.

Life goes on after all bad shows, and don't worry, we've all had them

Good luck in future gigs!
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actually, that's a toughy. Sometimes you just have to learn from it and move on...though I really can't give much advice.
Laugh it off and ask for contructive criticism.

That way you'll learn something from it at least.
Well at least you had the balls to get up in front off 1000 people, they didnt so
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be like.. yeah we screwed up.. we'll get it next time.

You cant hide from what youve done, but you can improve and try again.
Think about it this way: You show people how much you suck, then a few gigs later, blow everyones faces off. As long as you look towards the future, it won't matter what people say to you now.
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Quote by Gutch220
what exactly happened?

well first off, we didnt have any time to practice, so we didnt have out amps ready, so when we had to go on stage, we had to adjust our amps and what not, plus we were through onto the stage, like their was another act infront of us, but they messed up the order, so we went on before we were supposed to and we werent ready, and like the crowd had to wait like 10 min beofore we even started bc we had to adjust our amps, and we had a crappy mic, and one of the other mics for our back up vocals didnt work, and the one that did work hardly worked, and you couldnt hear the lead singer, and i messed up on my part of the song, even tho the crownd didnt really seem to notice, but ever one else in the band noticed it, and we had a rival band play also, and everything went perfect for them. and you could hear them wayy better then us (mostly bc they were rich, and had better equippment) and the crownd totally favored them, and he played just horriable, the drums were too lound, and everything was bad
dude their is no way to prepare for the humiliation of ridicule that human nature is so prone to. dont even pay attention to it. because if its not this its gonna be something else every one has an oppinion about every thing . u know what dude at least in ur eyes u can tell ur performance wasnt up to par. lol at least u dont think u kicked ass when maybe u didnt lol. any way just fix what needs to be fixed and keep on truckin.

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No ones perfect. If it was your first one, tell them to suck a dick and walk away.

yea dude it was my first gig, so yea
Seems to me that nothing went your way.

Worst thing you can do is tell the whole story, because nobody will want to hear it.

If people want to ridicule you, you just have to know that you're better than they heard.

And show them a face melter next chance you get.
go to school drunk
can I worship you now? girls with hawks are fucking sexy.

as someone earlier in this thread said, go with one bat. HWAT.

I love you.
Try again, but this time, n00b them

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Just tell them it was your first gig :\
I had some bad gigs too.. all you can do is learn from them..
Tell them to screw off and that you at least had the guts to get up there.
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First of all, you should try to avoid having 'rival bands...' I know that middle/high school is full of douchebags who think they're better than you and are itching to prove it by owning you at the one thing you have a passion for, effectively scarring you permanently, but think of the creative support and camardarie (sp?) that you could get from being friends with another band that's just taking off. Try and settle your differences with these guys, and maybe play a gig together next time. Of course, if they really are a**holes, then screw that. Just tell 'em to get ****ed.

That said, keep in mind that if your "friends" are seriously mean about your gig (and not just joking around), then they're probably not your friends.
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Just got to school and dont give a fu ck what they think about you because really every one has a bad gig once and a while, even the best. Then get real tight for your next gig and melt their faces off
yea well today was our first day back since the talent show, and the other band was rubbing it in our faces that they were better, and like every one sided with them bc they sounded better, but we had like a WAYYY harder song to play, they played sweet home alabama, and every one knows that song, who dosnt, plus its a fairly easy song, we played bat country by avenge 7 fold, and not too meny people have even heard of that band, yet alone any of their songs, so like from the get go they had us, and their all like you guys are just jealous that we have gigs now, and yall dont, and we did better in the talent show, and its really pissing me off, bc we had a harder song to play, and we played better than they did instrument wise, the worst thing about our gig was that the singing wasnt too great, mostly bc we had a bad moc, and it was plugged into this tiny amp, so you couldnt hear it too good, and the singer isnt really a sunger, he plays leaad guitar, and he just sang for the talent show bc we couldnt find any one else to sing, unlike the other band, they have a singer who all he dose is focus on singing, plus he is an actual singer in choir

ok here is their band
david-lead guitar, been playing for 3 yrs with lessons
bennet-lead vocals, an actual singer who is in choir, and had vocal coach
ethan-drummer, had been playing for almost 3 yrs
jake-rythem guitar, and is the little brother of david (lead) and has had lessons, almost 2 yrs

our band
nate-lead guitar 1 1/2 yrs, and was lead vocals, and dosnt singer, just volenteered to sing bc we couldnt find any one else to sing, he inst a singer
shawn-drums, playing for 4 months
aaron-bass, maybe a month, we just took a friend who was willing to learn, and taught him the bass part for the song, has no prior bass/guitar experience
me-rythem guitar, playing for a year

they obliously had a better band than us too with an eaiser song
like afformentioned, laugh it off and make up for it next gig

EDIT: oh, its over, well sounds like everything was a little one sided anyway, you just got gipped (sp?) cause they have more money, practice, and common sense than you

why pick a song no one knows from a slightly known band that was a bit to hard for you to pull off? always pick a well known song that you can play IN YOUR SLEEP. you may think you can play it well, but everythings different on stage.

theres no avoiding the practicing error. make sure you have a day of the week set for band practice and see if you can scrape up the money for lessons

money is always a problem for the musician. NOONE HAS ENOUGH GEAR!!! i know firsthand. see if the band members can get jobs and pool some money for stuff the band needs, like PAs, mics, cables, and the like do whatever you can to make sure you have the gear you need
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Umm i say kill yourself j/k

But honestly just shrug it off everyone has a bad day
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sounds like u only screwed up in front of a few school kids, at least it wasnt in front of 1000s of strangers uve never met before...that wud be more embarasing i think
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Quote by abnormel
sounds like u only screwed up in front of a few school kids, at least it wasnt in front of 1000s of strangers uve never met before...that wud be more embarasing i think

yea, trure it would be embaressing, but if its in front stangers who cares what their opinion is, you will never see them again, but if its at school, you actually go to school with them, you see them everyday, plus i care alot more about my friends opinion than strangers, you kno?
Similar thing happend at the botb here, band had been together for about 2 weeks, no good gear, no vocalist. The borrowed amps from the people who played before them and had the drummer sing and drum. The other band fucked with their settings while they were playing, no one could hear the vocals and they didn't practice enough so they fucked up but instead of going with the flow they stopped and started again . They got some shit but the teasing died down pretty quickly.

Just kick some ass next time .