I have been playing for about 3 years now. All this time I haven't learned how to properly change strings. I never do it right and they always end up wound around the tuning machine once, not several times like the rest of the strings. Could anybody give me a tutorial on changing strings correctly? I would really appreciate it!

out of habit I change from high to low. "e" to "E"
String thru body first.
Then thread the end into the tuning key. go all the way thru till its tight.
now pull the string back out the length of 3-4 fingers width wise (not long) and then wrap around without the string pulling thru the key. Put the end up into the loop and turn away till tuned.

the high strings will wrap around a lot. As u get into D and A ull need less space.
e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
check out the pick n grin video lesson

There is a string changing lesson in there, its way cool
i have always just changed them the "normal" way, but the way the lesson shows is pretty neat.
hhahahahah yea i used to do the same thing

what helps for me it to take the string and wrapp it around the machine head a few times with plyers, and then put it in the hole (dont think pervered) and twist it untill it has tension, do it all for all 5 other strings, let it sit, and get used to the tension, then tune them
...thats just me