A bit of a love poem, I guess...crit for crit and all that.

Personal crit: too soppy, and maybe even cliche...ah well, I think it flows...just interested in other views. One girl I showed it to really liked it, one guy disliked it...have I written a poem for the girls?

Any Pain Will Do

How could I resist you,
With those eyes you have,
And the way they seem to shine through,
Any pain you have.

How could I say no to you,
With all the care you give,
And all the times you've pulled me through,
Any pain I've lived.

How could I not love you,
With all the things you've said,
And the way your words just come through,
Any pain you've hid.

How could I give up on you,
With all this said and done,
And now you'll never pull me through,
Any pain to come.
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I like this guy.
it's kinda confusing?.. i dunno .. it's just prolly me or something but yea. but over all it's pretty good dude. i just dont get the main idea.. sorry. =D
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fcuk yeah..

(='.'=) world domination here i come!!

^__^tee hee.
dude, I liked it. I liked it so much that I even read it while playing guitar to it, but the kind of music I got from it was a country feel, but it sounded damn good. I enjoyed it.

by the way, if you have time and feel like it, could you crit my song. It's called "Blame"
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