Hey all, I'm looking towards buying a Vox AD30VT... I'm on a budget (under £200 / $350) and I wondered if there was anything like the vox (a.k.a. tube or almost tube) but with less fx as I have a POD...! Just wondering if I could make my money go a bit further!

Thanks a lot!
I think that the Vox is pretty much your best bet for that amount of money. Just use the POD for effects and then use the effects on board for reverb.
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Ok, thanks!

And will the 30 valve watts be loud enough for practices / small gigs?

yes easily

too bad the vox isnt a tube amp
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
The Vox is a hybrid amp. It has one preamp tube somewhere near the power amp. Its not in the preamp. I do find mine a little louder than my friends stack, but that could be effected by the cab. 30 Watts should be fine for practice. If you wanted it for gigging, I would probably look into getting the AD50VT. It will be a good bit louder.
i have the ad30vt and i love it, i use the Danelectro FAB dist as boost on teh boutique OD amp model and it sounds AWESOME! very 80's metal sounding.
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have you checked into the AC30 Custom classics? they are very simple and all tube. They have great crunch and great distortion when pushed, and the cleanest cleans ever.

Im probalby picking the 30watt head and a 4 12 cab soon, and ill be using my POD xt LIVE connected to the fx loops for effects and stuff, but using the amps distortion and overdrive. Check them out if you get a chance

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They look great but .... expensive!

Cheers neway, that was pretty much what I was looking for except about £400 cheaper!