I have some lyrics but I need help thinking of more.

Verse 1
All I see are black waters ahead,
And ceace to end, they don't
Must I fail to start again and ford them with my boat?
Or must I find a path around,
To get to the other side
For there I see a place for me so I won't always have to hide.

A place where I'll survive
I take life step by step
Rolling with the punches

I feel like i'm almost dead,
And I just can't stand to be
I'm always heing held back by the power of lock and key.

Verse 2
When I was born it was in me
It doesn't help with the crying
Not to worry you at all but right when you're born,
You start dying.

That is all I have, some help would be really appreciated
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seriously man change the title
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"Today is yesterday's tomorrow." Brilliant.

It was forced, and you kept the mindset of "Let's write a sing-along lighter song!" rather than "Let's figure out what the hell I'm writing about first."
maybe that's the name of the song, "help".
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