ok so im getting a pignose and im woundering if u can play a bass through it and if so how dose it sound?
Like crap. Dude, its a tiny guitar amp, the speaker will definatly blow. I always like playing a bass amp really loudly out of a guitar amp cause you get a feeling of tesity when you stike the strings. Its like "Ohmygod, ohmygod, its gonna blow!" and it doesn't blow and its like "Woah, it didn't blow!".
They do make bass amps as well you know. They make a 100 watt tube combo, and i'm almost positive they make a smaller bass combo as well. you could play your bass though it, but like bassilo said, it will sound "tinny." basically, not like a good, solid bass amp. why would you get a pignose if you're playing bass? there are other small, light amps you can carry around and travel with that are made for bass.
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