the music is good, a little sloppy but still good. However i just can;t dig your vocalist he just sonds like he is trying to imitate the generic hard rock voice and it;s really not his voice. IDK maybye i am wrong but that is what it sounds like to me.

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^ Thanks any more stuff you guys gotta say? OMG DUDE That sounds just like something from hollywood roses the drums anyways , vocals are too loud not as annoying as people made them sing reminds me of pop punk thing. Its good , with some quality recording i could hear it on the radio man!
basically if you have a myspace you are not, will never be, and never have been hard rock.

Guitar sounded alright, tone was a little eh, you sound like you need more theory and a lot of help with chops, it was pretty sloppy for most of it, drums go out of time a little but not bad. Singer sounds like hes making a joke out of himself, like the above said, trying way to hard to have a cliche hard rock voice.

Guitar was good till you hit the solo, you sound a little out of tune, and its hard to hear half the things you play, the bends are pretty off, and the licks are just pentatonics really, you're not slash, sorry. Also, stop soloing throughout the song, it gets annoying, not every moment needs a guitar solo, at least not till you get a little better.

Song itself is pretty catchy, rather hated the lyrics, just not my style, no substance that i could hear, but then again i couldnt hear half of it. All in all, not bad, but needs work.