Ok, I'm currently looking to purchase a new guitar and my budget is a maximum of $600 with taxes and all...yes, I am poor.

anywho, what I have thought of so far include
- Ibanez RG-350EX
- ESP M - 200 FM
- ESP MH - 250 (Canadian Price Anyone?)

My reasoning for choosing these guitars include: the ibanez is cheap and sounds good, I played it, the ESP's on the other hand I have never seen just read about, I want something with a decent floyd, 24 frets for solo-ing and a fast neck for shredding, im open to any ideas, I play stuff like Metallica, Trivium, Children of Bodom, and many other metal bands, im running out of a kustom 16 watt amp which is truly embarassing but sounds exactly the same with my uber metal pedal running through it than the pedal sounds on its own, and I'm currently using a Epi SG special II, which is the ok for the price...HELP ME!!
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people taking dumps in my guitar case
well...if I were you I would save more money and buy a schecter c1fr hellraiser....that's a beast...great guitar....It's worth it....
It's better for you to save money and buy an excellent piece of equipment than buy something that you'll sell in 7 months because you're not happy with it....

BUT..remember this...if you buy a guitar like that you'll HAVE to buy a better amp...But if you're not a sound geek and you don't gig that amp should be enough for you....but let me tell you..if you want a metal tone you'll need a guitar like that and a better amp....

if you don't like that guitar try the dean from hell or the esp mh-400....

actually i would get a different amp than getting a new guitar
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^that's right too....

amp is 80% of your tone....it would be better for you if you spent more money in an amp and less money in a guitar.....
yeah either amp, or a hardtail jackson or hardtail RG i think i dont know exactly how far $600 will go but if you want a floating bridge someone said you arent too far short of a RG1570 if so, go for that it'll be worth it
sadly thats true unless you get lucky and get a esp w/ofr for free than you should go buy a lotto ticket
I wouldn't touch anything from the LTD line under a 300 series. Those are starteer instruments and not really worth it if you already have another guitar.
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