Ok, I have an Ibanez ASF75T and an Epiphone LP Custom limited edition that both still have stock pickups on them. I want to replace the pickups (hoping that'll improve my tone for the time being) but I'm not sure what to replace them with. I'm looking for something to give me good modern rock sounds (we play a lot of nickelback, seether, and breaking benjamin). I want a good distortion sound to match that type of music, but I don't want to forfeit my cleans because I like being able to play old skynyrd n stuff.

Right now I'm stuck playing it through a solid state marshall head through two1960 cabs, but I'm planning on upgrading the head to either a Mesa dual rec or possibly a TSL 100 (but probably a mesa) in the near future.

So far I'm thinking about putting a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB in the bridge and a SH-1N '59 in the neck on the Epiphone, but I'm not committed to the brand or anything. That's just what was recommended in the little wizard on seymour dncan's website.

I have no clue what to put in the Ibanez.

Any help would be appreciated a lot.
For the Epiphone, I would suggest doing the pickup job yourself. Just practice your soldering skills.

For the Ibanez, I'm rather partial to the pickups my Artcore has (Exactly like yours without the trem) so I'm not sure. But when you decide to change them, have a pro do it. It's a difficult task.
Well I don't really want to do it myself, since I have no soldering experience at all. I'll probably buy a new set for each guitar and get them both done at the same time, or (possibly) get one of my friends that can solder to do the epiphone. I don't want them touching the hollowbody. Things fall in too easily.