Ok, I'm currently looking to purchase a new guitar and my budget is a maximum of $600 with taxes and all...yes, I am poor.

anywho, what I have thought of so far include
- Ibanez RG-350EX
- ESP M - 200 FM
- ESP MH - 250 (Canadian Price Anyone?)

My reasoning for choosing these guitars include: the ibanez is cheap and sounds good, I played it, the ESP's on the other hand I have never seen just read about, I want something with a decent floyd, 24 frets for solo-ing and a fast neck for shredding, im open to any ideas, I play stuff like Metallica, Trivium, Children of Bodom, and many other metal bands, im running out of a kustom 16 watt amp which is truly embarassing but sounds exactly the same with my uber metal pedal running through it than the pedal sounds on its own, and I'm currently using a Epi SG special II, which is the ok for the price...HELP ME!!
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None of the above guitars have a decent floyd, for your styles, save up for rg1570 and change the pickups
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