That's really great, nice phrasing and amazing tone! Nicely done.
...to give your love no matter what is what she said...
I agree... I was considering getting a blue.. but that just pushed me over the edge (I listened too all of your other stuff.. is it all Traynor Blue?)

Great playing
There was some clipping issues here and there.

A totally different approach then what I would have taken, but I love it.
Cool tone. You are an incredible player, I would have never thought of some of those quick phrases. Sounds very Jimmy Page like, listen to his live solo for heartbreaker, and you'll hear what I'm talking about.
That Traynor kills my Twin Reverb's tone. Wow. I really want one now.

Nice playin'.
Dude, where's your drums? Where's your drums dude? Dude, where's your drums? Dude.