Hmmm I know the guitarist from the Scorpions has a sig. guitar. Try and find it to see whats on it. Other than that Dave Mustaine uses a Duncan JB and I beleive Metallica used stock Gibson pups in their V's and Explorers when they were thrashier.
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Metallica didn't use gibson pups..they've used emgs for just about ever, and duncans before that
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kent armstrong mother bucker or a jb.
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I think that thrash has more to do with a scooped tone than a pickup. Pretty much any distortion sucking humbucker will work if you have the right settings. You might want to look into an EQ stompbox rather than pickups.
what happened to the proposed Kirk Hammett flamenco album?

His acoustic didn't sound good with wah pedal, I suppose.
scorpions arent thrash....
if your looking for scorpions go for seymour duncans
if you want REAL thrash like testament go for EMg's or bareknuckle
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I'd try maybe a DiMarzio X2N in the bridge... seems good for lots of heaaaaaaaaavy heaaaaaaaavy distortion.
Yeah, I was thinking... since when is scorpions thrash?

Good thrash pup... my fav's might actually be kramer quad rods for aggressive thrash. My favorite pup (suitable for thrash too) is a JB... an emg 81 would also be great.