I will be getting a guitar soon and my budget is no more then 700$, and i was wondering if these guitars is great for some1 who plays lots of rock, I play pretty much everything too, so i don't know.

I was looking at the Rg Tremolo's and RG Prestige's, Are these good guitar's?, ive read they are for some rock/heavy genres, but will it really sound bad if i were to play a little blues? these are also really nice looking guitars. And another thing i read they have bigger frets(jumbo frets) or something like that , does this also make a big difference?

All these questions are a little random and you might get lost but i just want to know what you think about the ibanez guitars.
the RG prestige line is great for the money. The Trem rocks. great japanese quality.

They can do a wide variety of music(especially the oens with Hsh).

The frets are perference. The higher up frets IMO are the perfect size.
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