The Vox AD100VT
Is it a loud enough un miced gig amp?
Hows The Quality?(loudness clearness)
Would it be good for punk style music and alternative
Personal Experiences would be good to and anything else i should know?
You will be just fine with the AD100VT gigging. I would even suggest downgrading to the AD50VT and getting some nice accessories for yourself. You could also order a 2x12 cab for it from Avatar speakers (www.avatarspeakers.com) with the money you save. For speakers, I would suggest two Vintage 30s (60 watts each) or two Hellatone 60s.

I have no problem getting over drums with my AD15VT in a close space. There are some issues with speaker troubles for some owners (Dirk Gently, that I remember, on the forums here). If this occurs, I would again suggest something along the lines of a Celestion speaker.
Ya that is plenty for gigs. I have the 100 watt head version. It will work really well for punk stuff. I use it for hardcore and its got enough gain. I think you would need a pedal for super heavy metal though. You could do some metal with it.
yea....what cab should i buy and what will i need to buy to hook up the cab to the head......how much.....and yea....
does it still apply to this amp that if its 50 watts then itll be around double?
Look into the Vox cab if you want it matching. If not, order and Avatar cab and get it loaded with celestions. If you get the combo, you won't need a cab but you could always get a 212 cab to go under it and make it a half stack. If you get the head then you do need a cab and just do what I said before. The stack or the combo with 212 cab is going to end up being more expensive than jsut the 212 combo. I think the 212 combo runs about $550 if I remember correctly. The Head and Cab are going to run about $700-800.
nope, the loudness is about the same as other solid states, largely due to only having 1 tube in the pre-amp.
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It will still be plenty loud.
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Surprisingly enough, the guy above me is right. As stated in my first post in this thread, my AD15VT gets over drums easily. Still keeps decent tonal quality too.
whats the point of the extra cab?
will the cab be in use with the speaker in the combo so a total of three speakers?
does anyone use the 50 for shows?