Hey, I was wondering what some ggod music writing programs are for my computer (windows). I wouldprefer something that I can use insturments on the program from for I am not in possesion of any mics.
Noteworthy does the job for me.
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Finale, Sibelius.

Both are MIDI based, I think. I'm not sure how much Sibelius is, but the newest version of Finale might set you back $300-600 (I think the student version might be 300).

EDIT: For Finale 2006 it says the "Academic version" is $350. I think you have to be a college student or be a qualified teacher to get it at that price.
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^ You can have MIDI patches for most instruments, however, you can only write the music in tab form, not in standard notation. I'm not sure which of those he was asking.
download finale notepad..its free and you can get what u want done and listen to the song with almost any instrument
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