I'm looking to get a set of condensers for recording, and I've stumbled upon these two packs. I'm recording through a Line6 Toneport, so the phantom power thing isn't an issue.

I'm recording vocals and acoustics. I just want to know if there's any clear advantage between either of the two microphone packs, or if someone else can suggest a better set of microphones for about the same amount of money.

i was gonna say dont bump your thread, but then i realized its been over a week.

ok, so pack one:
2001: perfect for vocal recording, drum kit and guitar cabinet miking, as well as general room miking
603S: Intended for drum, ambient and orchestral miking

pack two:
990: for vocals with silky highs and tight, solid lows
991: for acoustic guitars and drum overheads

thats copied directly from your links, and should help. all 4 are condensor mics, and each pack has one good for vocals and another good for ambiant micing and drums. i dont know which are the better mics, but i know that a few people on here have recomended the 990/991 package. decide which pair better fits your needs i guess, both should do well.