How nice of an amp is it? It seems relatively cheap, so it has me worried on the quality,

I didnt have much time to mess with anything but the clean channel in the store, so how is it's overdrive channel, can it get Opeth tones? (even if it means using an OD or Distortion pedal as a boost) (as opeth is about the heaviest stuff I play, otherwise its all Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock)
OD can get to Ozzy normal. with boost to metallica
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Quote by Danno13
It's a great amp. get it.

Yeah, I played it again between my last comment and now.. I think I will dammit...

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the blue's got a fender like clean channel and a marhsall like crunch. It's awesome, when you get it post some pics.
I shall.. and a few sound clips... only Issue is it'll take me a little while to get some more cash (im like 150 short.. nothing a few weeks wont cover though)