Hi there, I'm thinking of buying the Peavey Triple XXX Super 40.

I was looking around on musiciansfriend.com and I noticed the Super 40, non EFX for $552.00. It seems like an excellent deal and I'm most likely going to buy it but I have a question about the footswitch.

It doesn't seem like it's included with the amp, and I've looked on musicans friend for a XXX footswitch, but the only one I could find was a 7 pin connector, while the super 40 uses a 1/4 inch jack, according to the manual that is.

I would appreciate if someone with experience with the amp could tell me where I could find a footswitch for the Super 40. Thanks!
I don't really know, but the $550 one is the barely used one. I was gonna get it too, but the more I thought about it, the more crapped up I realized it could be. something could be really wrong with it in the long run, so I just spent the extra $100 for the new one. still, it's $200 bucks cheaper than it normally was!

I don't know about the footswitch though, kinda interested in the answer though since I'd probably like one

oh yeah, and jump on the deal, it wont last. the deal on the 120w 212 only lasted about 4 days, and this ones already been going for at least that.

EDIT: I just checked the pdf manual and it says it comes with one, when explaining channel changing

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