I HAVE A Squier Strat The pickup cap fell off is there a website where i can get a new one also how do i take off my tone and volume knobs to replace them thanks

Austin the drummer/new guitarist
Okay man, check out musiciansfriend.com for the cap (the cap is only for looks anyway) and to take off the knobs put masking tape on the end of a flathead screwdriver (so you don't scratch the guitar) and pry off the buttons. Don't be afraid it isn't going to snap anything it'll just pop the knob right off. Oh for more info on stuff like that go to www.projectguitar.com
You should be able to put the cover right back on.

And to take off the knobs, just pull. Try slipping your shirt under the knob and then pulling on the cloth.

And please learn to punctuate.
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