Ok I've been playing a while now in and out of bands. I would like to know something and it's gonna sound preatty stupid. When writing a song say the chord pro is (verse)G E G E,(Chorus) C5 G5 A5 E5 (Bridge) C G F# Em with a solo over the verse right after the bridge. Now I've been soloing in GMajor or The pentatonic is this wrong should the solo be in someother key?

I would just like an honest ansewer I have always thought that The Key of the song was what the solo was in. Or at least what ever the progressions key was that's what the solo should be in
well i played it on guitar and by eat it sounds like c major.

Bleh i hope thats not wrong or ill feel really stupid
meow :3
^lol youre wrong! since there's an F# and a C natural it automatically has to be G major or E minor (but most likely G major since you're starting on G as a tonic hopefully)

seriously tho...dont be scared to try theory. a trick to figure out your scales would be to go here: all-guitar-chords.com
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