Ok, this song isnt necessarily anarchistic, nihilistic, cliched, or evil.

But, I think it's pretty catchy. I'm new at drum machines, so ignore the simple, looped beats.

solo was just a crappy pentatonic improv, I'm not really good at composing solos yet. Damn my lack of theory.

Thanks in advance.

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First off, theres some very cool harmonies which i like. Riffs are cool and catchy, drums arent really my thing but as you said..you are new to it. Cool lead work too. No real complaints really! so good job and thanks for the crit!
dude, Warren, this was siiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

awesome, some of your best work. What drum machine did you use? And at 1:48, what was that all about? it seemed kinda out of place.
Thats sweet dude! The intros killer, the solo was cool, it could use some work but as you said it was improv so ya... good work
ok listening to the song evil.........so far sounds awesome man...ur tone and quality is good so far. ok faster riff just came in and i think its already very catchy and the harmonies are really good. some vocals could really pull this song together. deff has an old metalica feel to it! it sounds a little repetative, but thats prob cause theres no vocals to lead it. the guitar work is excelent i really like all of it the leads are especially nice and the solo is really good too! awesome job, maybe u could get a band together one day cause this would do nicely

please crit mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5538105#post5538105 thanks
Niiiiice! This certainly appeals to my inner demons. Some very cool riffing on the low bits. Really, all I can say is that this metal is good metal. Solo fits perfectly and kicks arse. To be honest I don't care about the drums. They are perfectly sufficient. Just lay down some heavy vocals about the devil, and you're done.
Nice. Sounds like you listen to a lot of Metallica. Great quality and cool harmonies.
Needs vocals!
Yeah, the drums could use some work. Needs the bass guit., or maybe turn it up louder if there's one in there?

Great stuff.
100% trash metal... I personally hate trash metal but apart from my tastes I have to say it's really well played. The harmonies are very well mixed. And so is the solo and the two rythm guitars. THe solo is very well played, could have been a little more faster but that's just my taste. I don't like it but it's a very good job.
Quote by Buddha-man
What drum machine did you use? And at 1:48, what was that all about? it seemed kinda out of place.

Acoustica Beatcraft. It's really easy to use, but it's a bit limiting on the sounds.
At 1:48, just a little diminished scale harmonized 3 frets up.

Quote by silentdud
Im really not liking the guitar at all. Its not sloppy it just doesnt sound very musical, rather repetitious.

Ah well, cant get 'em all.

Thanks everyone.
Intro reminds me of Of Wolf And Man. I guess that's a good thing, if you ignore any possible rip-off aspects! The harmonies remind me of megadeth, rust in peace style. Ooh, nice little build into the quicker riff. This is top notch heavy metal. Yeah the harmonies really remind me of early megadeth. Heh, the more up-tempo riff is good too. You know how to write a metal intro, good build up and breakdown. It's great dynamics; essential in metal. I dunno how good a guitarist you are, but if you can't already play fast chugged triplets then learn to as soon as you can. They supercharge your riffs. Ooh ****ing cool harmonies and wah lead...ooh man this is so damn hot...definitely has a Hammett feel. Very Of Wolf And Man. Cool breakdown. Nice work on modifying the theme of the main riff into so many different versions to use for the parts. Hehe "Evil" is right.
Although that riff from around 3:09 is definitely a Metallica knock-off...I forget which though...or maybe I'm thinking of Megadeth. It's by one of the two, anyway.

Overall, very freakin' good. You just have to be careful about being derivative. Other than that it's really enjoyable. Great work \m/

I'd really appreciate any feedback you could give me on this!
Cheers, Ro
Thanks for the in-debth crit.

Yeah, a few of the sections may sound ripped off. I'm really influenced by the songwriting styles of both Metallica and Megadeth, although I didnt intentionally try to imitate anyone.

And yeah, I'm a mediocre guitarist, but I know how to link my riffs together well. This isnt particularly a difficult song to play; I was going for a slower, grinding song.
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