Everytime I turn the volume all the way up its cuts off.
The pots in my guitar are either dirty and can be cleaned, or broken and need to be replaced...What do I do? If there cleanable, how would I do it?
If they need to be replaced what do I get?

I have a Jackson DXMG btw.....
They should have a rating on them. from 0 - __ ohms.

Replace them, they should be super cheap at your local electronics store. if you can, take them out, bring em to your electronics store, show the guy there, and he'll hook you up. find something same size, same resistance.

put the new 1 in (solder). and you should be good to go.
Just replace them. It should say the value in kohms on the back of them, or somewhere. Then just order some new ones.
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what about all the wires that are connected to it? just rip them off? And then when I got a new one, just solder them back on?
Eh, I think it would be easier to just cut them off. Ill just make a close cut, so that there is plenty of wire left.