Hey, I think I wanna sell my almost new B.C. Rich Beast. I have hardly used it and still have the original box, although that is in a worse state than the guitar lol.

It's a special BORIS design, you knwo the guy made up of dots and is one of the custom paint series from 2003.

I am in England so pounds would be better, but i was wondering how much I could expec to sell it for on ebay...?
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hmm well how much did you buy this guitar for?
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hmmm, I was gonna keep that fact quiet for a bit, but since you asked... £160...

How much could I ask? I have seen them for around £300... so would it be possible to make a profit on it?!
No. Private sale you might get around 50% retail (remember that even those ones for £300 aren't actually sold for that price, shops give 15-20% off the retail price just as standard practise). If you take it to a guitar store you might get 30% of the retail value. You definitely won't make a profit, you can set it at a higher price than you bought it, but nobody will buy it.
It's possible you could turn it for a profit, although improbable. IN reality, it's not worth muchmore than you paid for it.
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