Hey i have been looking for a new guitar for so long. Ive been playing for 2 years and i have a sx. I dont no what guitar to get ive played squiers and they sound ok. I need a new amp as well just a practise 1. I want to spend about $600 at the most for the guitar. Im in year 8 so i dont have that much money. What guitar do you think i should get if you see a cheap guitar on ebay can you tell me i live in Australia.
Well depends on what type of music you play, I live in Australia too and I'm jealous cause we got expensive stuff

Check out some good websites on guitars such as www.guitar.com.au. You can usually get nice prices there (no fenders though) and then print out the price list and go to your music shop and try to haggle with them.

$600 AU right? I wouldn't suggest an epi as alot of them around that price range aren't really worth that much. If you're okay with buying overseas get an Agile LesPaul guitar. You must have heard of all the good things on this website. I think the AL3000 is around $500 AU plus like $125 for shipping. I think that would be your best bet.

edit: actually the combined price (guitar + shipping) using a currency converter is:

464.95 USD = 600.999 AUD

so if you're willing to spend one extra dollar then thats a great guitar. I've only heard good things about agiles and their specifications are really good. alcino humbuckers, mahogany with maple top, ebony fretboard, grover tuners, abalone inlays. You'll only find a guitar like that in Australia for over $1000
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