In my guitar class bassist learn notes while guitarist learn with tabs... why is this?
im not sure why guitarists are learning tabs in a guitar class, typically a good teacher will force you to read the sheet music as well..

but bass is more frequently used in an orchestral sense (those big uprights were made for string ensambles) so the teachers probably will teach bass in a more orchestral fashion.
Because of something called figured bass. It's easier to put numbers under the melody line for the bass to read, so they can improvise and stuff like that. If you wanna know more, google it or something.
Oh crap!
I think it more has to do with the classical bass. It did not have frets, but positions. Bassists had to know the position for a certain note. Your teacher might be teaching to the one day one of those Bassists will have a fretless bass.

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Because bassists have things rather easy with single notes most of the time. With a guitarist when you get to intervals/chords things get confusing very quickly.

Than and musical notation also gives you the rythm of the thing, something does tabs do not
I think you need to know the notes more with bass because you tend to improvise a lot more, so you the theory behind it is vital. I suppose it is with guitar too though, so bang goes my idea.
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Why aren't the guitarists learning sheet music?


because half of them are lazy buggers who only play power chords?