After looking at dozens of les pauls, SGs, strats, teles, ibanez and schecters I decided on this one, with natural finish. Do many people go for natural look, or is it undesirable? I don't really like most of the sunbursts or uniform colors. Do you think it looks alright, or would an audience think it is ugly?
It looks good. Unique without being obnoxious. And it's probably so comfortable to play while sitting!

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I really like that. The natural finish looks good with all that clear coat or whatever finish they put on it. Great looking guitar.
Yeah, was in perfect condition, I went and tried a new one in a store just to make sure it sounded the same as it would have new, and I was pretty impressed by it.
They didn't really know much about it, they sell their guitars on contigency for other people, I only found out it had splittable humbuckers from the guy at a different shop who sold them new while he was giving me his sales pitch, the guy selling the used one didn't even know the tone dials are push/pull, and I wouldn't have either. It was $300 more a couple of weeks ago, but the guy who was selling it asked the store to lower it because he needed the cash, so I'm pretty happy with the price
Im just gonna comment bout the looks. I've never really actually liked guitars with natural finish that's laquered shine on 'em. I'd prefer a normal natural as in sanded kinda looks coz if its too shiny = its a furniture... "IMO"
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Thats what she said...
Yeah, it actually isn't that shiny in normal light, in reality it looks about halfway between that picture and a natural guitar with no finish.
Ok lets hope its just the flash or any miracle light somewhere shedding. Or else it'd would like a coffee table
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
including a squier with a broken truss rod and a bridge thats being pulled up. pfft i would like to see you try

I like natural guitars. They look great onstage, and fingerprints aren't nearly the problem they are with black, white or mirror finishes.