Alrighty this my song called "Hell on Earth" by Se7en Sorrows
Obviously it aint finished yet..
If you want to bash my song, use constructive criticizm..

Now let the bashing begin!

"Hell on Earth"- Se7en Sorrows

Chaos reigns throughout the land
Explosions in the distance
What the f*** is goin' on?!
This must be hell on Earth!

The screaming deaths of men
Pounding through my chest
Enduring the pain inside me
This must be hell on Earth

Adrenaline! Pumping through my veins!
Strength! Kept me alive so far.
Courage! Is what i desperately need!

Bombs! Blasting through the air!
Dead people with blank stares.
Now this is what i call Hell on Earth!

I've seen this in my dreams!
Where I hear all their screams!
But now Im in my very own Hell on Earth!
ummm.. not sure what to say about this... i don't like shouting and screaming when it comes to songs... but i guess for the genre you are into... i think it's ok... repetition is a good way to get the song stuck to your audience's heads but something in me doesn't think "hell on earth" is something very nice to repeat... what do i know? i guess you wrote this with hate and with seeing all the negative happenings here in our time now... i guess it's good work.. :p keep it up... if you have time... crit "vandaLized heart" or "all about you" for me will yah... keep writing! :p