Okay this isn't about guitars at all.

The double reed in a wind instrument i own, is very hard to blow. I read somewhere that to decrease the amount of pressure needed to play, I had to make the "shoulders" of the reed thinner...

Which part of the reed are the shoulders? and how do i make them thinner?
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mmm...Playing an oboe?....I play the wind instrument that has no reed...(flute)...But just by taking a logical guess the shoulders are the edges of the reed beside the thin middle part...It'll probs still have the natural smooth wood look compared to the middle... Shaving that down would make the reeds move faster...

I dunno good luck though...Try google?
How long have you been playing that reed? Most new reeds take time to break in, but some peopel soak their reeds in some water overnight so the reeds absorbe some water and vibrate easier. So if it's new you coudl try that, but if you've been playing it for about a month and it's still really hard to blow to the point where your jaw starts hurting and you turn red, then you might want to think of going to a lighter reed.
I'd direct you to my sister (a Wind Ensemble/Symphony attendee at Syracuse College who plays oboe) but she is not online right now. If she gets on later, I may just be able to ask.
some reeds take a while to break into, i play single reed (clarinet) for school band, and i hate new reeds. Anyways, i think the should would be nearest that purple part
.............................^ there-ish, but i'm taking a guess
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