So, I was going to get a new guitar, but some people told me I should probably look into a tube amp first. Since I cant get both of them at the same time, I guess I'll go for the tube amp first, so Im not putting the guitar to waste.

I don't want to spend too much.. maybe at max $1000 or so US dollars.

I'm not sure if I should get a stack or combo or spend all the money on just a head.. So help me out!
Here's a list of commonly available tube amps in our price range. These are all combos, and anything above 30 or 40 watts with a 12" speaker should be giggable.

From ENGL:

$800 - Thunder 50 combo

$1000 - Screamer 50 combo

From Traynor:

$520 - YCV20 Custom Valve Combo with 12" Celestion

$560 - YCV20WR Custom Valve Combo

$580 - YCV40 Custom Valve Combo

$620 - Custom Valve YCV40T 40 2x10 Combo with Celestions

$630 - YCV40WR Custom Valve 40 Combo

$729 - YCV80Q Custom Valve 4x10 Combo

$740 - Custom Valve YCV80 2x12 Combo with Celestions

From Laney:

$671 - VC30-112 30W 1x12 All-Tube Class A British Combo

$700 - LC30-II 30W All-Tube Class A Combo with Reverb

$840 - VC30-212 30W 2x12 All-Tube Class A British Combo

From Peavy:

$500 - Classic 30 1x12 30W Guitar Combo Amp

$500 - Delta Blues

$675 - JD-30T? Jack Daniel's® Guitar Amp

$700 - Classic 50/212

$770 - Classic 50/410

$850 - XXX Super 40 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo

$950 - Triple XXX Super 40 EFX Combo

$980 - 5150® 212 2x12 60W Guitar Combo Amp (Out of production, will be returning as 6505's)

$1000 - Triple XXX 112 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

??? - Classic 20 (They are out of production and often cost more now than they did new.)

From Fender: (Some go up to $200 above $1000.)

$290 - Pro Junior? Combo

$400 - Blues Junior? Combo

$580 - Hot Rod Deluxe

$700 - Hot Rod DeVille? 410

$735 - Hot Rod DeVille? 212

$797 - '65 Deluxe Reverb

$800 - ?65 Deluxe Reverb® Combo Amp

$995 - Custom Vibrolux Reverb

$1050 - Pro Reverb

$1050 - '65 Twin Reverb

$1100 - ?65 Twin Custom 15

$1155 - 59 Bassman

$1190 - Twin Amp? 100-Watt All-Tube Amp

From Marshall:

$900 - Marshall DSL 401 Combo

??? - Used DSL201 Combo (They are out of production)

From Pignose:

$200 - G40V Tube Amp

From Dr. Z:

$699 - Mini-Z 1x8 Combo

Take a look at the ENGL's, the Traynors, the Peavey Classics, the Marshall DSL's, and some of the Fenders. You may need an overdrive pedal with the Fenders, but they should all get you good blues tone. I mentined the ENGL's for thier cleans, pristine Fendery cleans, thier distortion is more of a modern sound than a blues or classic rock sound. Still worth a look though, great amps.
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i think a hotrod deville would be nice.
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