Okay, I got a couple of nice chord progression down. The thing is, I'm having trouble writing good riffs innit. It always end up sounding crap/easy. Any ideas/tips on this?

Also, do you somewhat experience something where you write a riff, and it sounded nice, after a few plays, it sounded crap.

Thanks in advance.
Always! Writing songs or intrumentals are not easy things, sometimes it takes me/other people 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month etc. to write that prefect riff, progression, lyric etc...

Also, even if the riffs you wrote over your chord progression sound easy as long as there catchy, and they seem to go to together nicely it's a start, no need for a huge retardedly hard riff

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^^ he is right. sometimes when im just messing around on my guitar, i will accidently play something which sounds amazing but then other times i can sit there for hours and not one thing will sound decent.
and some times i find the simplest of riffs can sound much better than really camplicated one`s.

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So as already said so far, just mess around. Also when you listen to music, listen to it more carefully and listen for the techniques your guitar heros are using to create the cool-sounding riffs that you like (hammer-ons, palm muting, muting, etc) and maybe listen to some other styles of music that you might not listen to on an average day and you'll begin to absorb all of these different stylings and be able to apply them to your own playing.

Good luck.
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