-On my strat, position 4 (should be bridge slug coil and middle pickup) sounds VERY thin. I followed this diagram from guitar electronics-

Are my SD colour codes wrong? If so could someone correct it for me? On the SD site it doesnt say if the screw coil is the north or south coil like on this diagram, so I thought that might be where I went wrong..

-Next point. On the strat I have a problem with bending on the 14th and 15th frets on the high E and B strings, when I bend, the strings choke on higher. I never had this problem with the guitar before I took it apart to strip and refinish, and I havent touched the action of the guitar, so I dont really know what to do.. the neck also looks fairly straight so I dont think it would be a truss rod problem, or is it? The neck was off the guitar, under no tension for around a month ish.

Thanks a lot for any help!
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