Hi guys, me again,

Okay, does anyone own a Epiphone Valve Junior? Either the combo or the head?

I am looking at picking one up, but am not really sure if it is too loud for my purposes.

Couple of other questions - If I bought the head, could I select an appropriate cab so that the volume wasnt too loud? Or would they all have the neighbours complaining?

I am talking about running the amp at about 2 O'Clock kinda levels, as listening to sound clips thats the kinda place I want it at.

Final question, how hard would it be to add a master volume to either the Head or the Combo?

EDIT: How does the Valve Special compare to the Valve Junior? Its got more features on it, you can adjust the bass, mids, and treble, but I cant find much info on it review wise, where as everyone seems to love the Valve Junior

Thanks people

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I may be wrong, but I believe if you have a small speaker (say 8") it will be fine for bedroom practise. I mean, it's only got 5 watts powering it, right?
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i think the combo is with an 8 inch speaker. Its the smallest you can really get. The combo should be fine for bedroom levels...and ya, its only 5watts. You can probably crank it and you shoudl be fine. You wont be getting crushign death metal out of this thing, so you can always down the volume if its too loud.

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You won't get really heavy tones out of it, but you'll be able to crank it without getting loads of angry neighbours/ go deaf.
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5 watts cranked will be to loud for your average bedroom, but you won't "need" it to be distorting for practice, you'll need the distortion when your gigging though, so realy I don't think it should be a issue.
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