Okay, I've tried EVERYTHING I've read for trying to do pinch harmonics, but for the life of me I can't do it. How can I do a pinch harmonic?
first of all, find a strong natural harmonic somewhere above the pickups (if you have 3 pickups, it'll be somewhere to the left of the middle one).

Then hold your pick, with your thumb parallel to the string, jut above the natural harmonic.

Play any note on the guitar (i think the 11th fret D string is an easy one)

When you've plucked the string, gently and quickly brush the side of your thumb over the nartual harmonic then quickly remove it.

It should make a squeal, sounds better with vibrato
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i remember my old guitar tutor telling me that playing in the gap between the 22nd fret and the neck humbucker on a HH style guitar is the best place to pick for a harmonic. play with your thumb close to the end of the pick, kinda follow through with it. a technique very hard to explain...
Threads like take me back to the day.... basically it will happen, its one of those things that just clicks.

I do it by kinda flicking the string as I pick- so, like, pick normally, then push your thumb toward the string and graze it with your knuckle, and pull off as quick as possible.
I am not sure but try watching this video...I haven't watched it but it couldn't hurt eh?
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