I need some songs no matter what the style of song in Drop C. Thanks, yeah I know this is a noob question but I need songs.
A lot of the new Children of Bodom songs are in drop C.
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The most early songs from System of a Down. for example Spiders or Sugar
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I think a lot of System of a down is drop C, or maybe drop D, either way, is it just to play powerchords with your index finger?

Bullet For My Valentine
It Dies Today
Killswitch Engage
Stuff of of St. Anger
Trust Company

All I can think of off the top of my head..
i think killswitch engage only play in drop C check there stuff out, most of the new wave of metal bands play in drop C i think, shadows fall,lamb of god, god forbid etc

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Infecting the Crypts by Suffocation...thats a fun song
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Oooh, Learn "In Your Face" by Children of Bodom, awesome song. I preffered they're older stuf which was in D standard. Or drop it down to C standard and play some Arch Enemy!
Lamb of God plays in Drop-D. As I Lay Dying plays in drop C, so does Madball.
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As I Lay Dying plays in Drop C and they rock! Plus a lot of their riffs are fairly easy. Not sure if that matters to you but its great for a beginner such as myself!