Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy a new delay pedal, and I was wondering what general consensus was at to the best ones?

The one thing that would be very useful is some kind of exact tempo setting - is it possible to input the tempo of the song so that they delay plays back in time? Sorry if this is a silly noob question, but I've never really used effects before, but am finding myself more and more in need of some as my sonwriting matures and requires it.

What you need is one with a tap-tempo. Basically you just tap a button or a footswitch in time and then it will put the delay effect in that tempo. So basically just press the footswitch like *tap* *tap* *tap* at whatever tempo and it'll do it.

I know the Line 6 Echo Park stompboxes are really good, and they've got a tap tempo. I've got one and in my opinion they are better than the Boss ones, which don't have a tap.
i just bought a boss DD-20, called a Giga Delay. It's got a tap tempo, which you can either switch one of the twin pedals to, or attach a seperate on, plus you can record up to 23 seconds of delay. I was looking into line 6 pedals (echo park, dl4), and i reckon your far better off going for one of those if your into some serious delay.
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Quote by Tom Martin
in my opinion they are better than the Boss ones, which don't have a tap.

i've got a Boss effects pedal and it has tap delay setting