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Hey, please check out these mp3's of my band PXi. We're from the south-east of England and we are currently trying to find a drummer. These songs are just me and guitar but we'd like your opinions on the songs etc. Some songs have been changed slightly since these were done but these will give you a rough idea of what they're supposed to be like. Please excuse bad singing, lack of drums/bass, and bad quality, it'll be fixed by the time we get proper recording done.


Band Logo:

Our actual website is here:


It's not completely done yet so excuse the lack of contact sil vous plait.

Thanks for your time, any comments would be much appreciated
Besides the singing, and the horrible quality. The guitar simply... sucked? I'm not trying to be mean, but the guitar playing is a little uncreative, and your rythym is pretty bad. I dont like to leave comments like this, but the truth has to be told..
yes, i'm sorry i have to agree with madd0g
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